When was PEAKE founded?

PEAKE was founded in 2006.

Where is PEAKE located?

PEAKE is Headquartered in Stevensville, MD. 15 miles from Annapolis MD and 40 miles from Washington, DC. Our shop is located on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay (First exit after the Bay Bridge going East). The Shop is located in the Chesapeake Quad of the Chesapeake Bay Business Park off of Route 8.

We also have satellite locations in Flanders, NJ and Lakeland, FL.

What are your hours of Operation?

PEAKE office hours are 8am-5pm.

Our hours of operations for technical support are 24x7x365.

I didn't know PEAKE did that. What exactly does PEAKE provide?

PEAKE provides services for many markets including advanced technology integration, enterprise services/traditional government contracting services and communication services to include voice, video and satellite   Our business operation begins and ends with each customer’s mission- and we work to provide custom solutions to help you succeed.

What is Peake Enterprise Operations?

PEAKE Enterprise Operations is our programmatic (multi-year) integration, operational sustainment and life cycle management of mobile platforms, technology and communication systems focused on our customers’ mission needs.

Do you provide Satellite Service?

Yes. Tactical IP is PEAKE’s own satellite service providing users with up to 20×5 Mbps of service. We offer several packages that fit every need of our customers. Learn more about Tactical-IP HERE.

What is Technology Integration?

PEAKE designs, installs and integrates advanced technology and communication systems into fixed and mobile sites. We understand that reliable, efficient, and secure communications are vital for mission success, and we offer a comprehensive suite of technology solutions that we tailor to meet the unique operational challenges of each customer.

What are the areas of technical expertise of your communications engineers?

Our Engineers have many high-level certifications including, but not limited to, Cisco, Meru, Juniper and Extron.  Though there are hundreds of product lines not offering certifications, we continue to provide expert level technical root cause analysis for these services and solutions.   In addition to these certifications our engineers have 35 years+ worth of real world security and networking technical experience with clients and networks around the globe.  As a client requesting support or design assistance you will be interacting with experienced engineers.

What are your hours for technical and services support?

Our hours of operations for technical support are 24x7x365.  You will reach an engineer who has experience and knowledge of your design, configurations and services.

When I call for technical support, what information should I have ready?

As you expect high level of service, we will need typically one thing: your Tactical-IP satellite circuit ID.  If you are a customer of our you should already have a support sticker with this information printed for quick reference.  Once we have this information we are ready to resolve problems or answer questions.

How can I purchase from PEAKE?

PEAKE offers the ability to order items directly from us or through one of our contract vehicles listed here:

  • GSA Advantage
  • HGAC Buy: AM10-14 for Specialty Vehicles
  • Seaport-e Contract # N00198-14-D-7321
  • Naval Air Warfare Center – N68335-10-A-0064 5 year, $10M BPA
  • State of Pennsylvania Contract – 4400004968 (Includes all products and services on GSA Schedule)
  • State of Maryland- Maryland Department of Transportation Certified SBE-Only Firm

PEAKE can provide Sole Source Justification.

We accept Credit Cards:

  • VISA, Mastercard, AMEX
  • Government Purchase Card
What do I do if I’m having issues with a product or service provided by PEAKE?

Click HERE to fill out a Support Ticket. Or contact PEAKE Support team at support@peake.com or 800-719-4603.

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