Technology & Operations

PEAKE is a technology integrator focused on bridging the gaps between people, technology, and operations.

At PEAKE, we address the unique technological and operational challenges of each customer with a fully customizable, adaptable, and scalable suite of solutions and services.

Whether disaster response, public safety, homeland security, business continuity or field operations, PEAKE specializes in taking care of all operational needs to ensure mission success. We have the experience and technology to create custom high-tech command centers that are able to coordinate teams of any size over any distance. We retro-fit vehicles with mission-critical technology, provide satellite and network systems to ensure reliable, real-time communications, and even provide professional staff to operate and maintain it all. We pride ourselves on helping mission-focused personnel of any size and scope perform at their “PEAKE.”

PEAKE is dedicated to achieving the missions of our clients with our clients

From concept to technology design and implementation through to mission accomplishment, we use our diverse expertise in mobile infrastructure, communication systems, and vehicle customization to ensure operational enablement. Together with our clients, we build fully customized integrated solutions that accelerate mission success no matter the industry, climate, or situation. PEAKE exists to allow our clients to focus on what they need to focus on: achieving their mission. Learn more about PEAKE.

Doing business with PEAKE is easy.

For our customers, we offer purchasing paths that include direct, sole source justification, GSA Advantage, HGAC Buy, and other contract vehicles.

For our partners, PEAKE provides unique benefits as a Small-Business Partner with strong past performances, customer knowledge and relationships, technical certifications, and understanding and experience with the federal acquisition process. Look to PEAKE for a strategic partnership with a qualified, skilled and motivated small business. Learn more about the variety of markets our customers work within and our capabilities for your operations and technology enablement.

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