When Energy companies need self-reliant communications and emergency critical infrastructure to aid in rapid response efforts, PEAKE has the advanced technology and certified engineers to design and implement the reliable, rapidly deployable solutions they need. Whether you work in oil, gas, electric, or public utility, the team at PEAKE will work with you to find the custom solution that is right for the unique needs of your industry and in compliance with any Federal Codes for emergency response. Additionally, to meet your mobile response needs, PEAKE delivers vehicular solutions that are custom engineered for your fleet management requirements.

When a large-scale incident occurs that affects power services to your customers, you need mobile communications fast. The certified engineers at PEAKE have years of experience designing communications solutions and integrating state-of-the-art technology into Mobile Command Vehicles, turning them into the self-reliant, on-site command centers needed for centralized field communications. From “first-in” satellite communication kits to full command trailers with secure, robust IP networks and self-contained power generation, we provide utilities with the custom solutions they need to expedite utility service restoration jobs of any size and scope.

Our services include:

  • VirtualVideoWall
  • Tactical-IP VSAT Service
  • Voice Services

PEAKE is proud to have provided communications solutions for Energy companies.

Some of our clients include:

  • Pacific Gas and Electric
  • Exelon


PEAKE has the experienced, certified professionals needed for reliable, rapid deployment of emergency communications and infrastructure solutions to ensure fast energy restoration. Many of our products have been specifically designed based on lessons learned from our experience with rapid response efforts. Our certified engineers will ensure you have the right communications solution to ensure your customers regain power quickly and you are in compliance with Federal Codes.

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