Department of Defense

PEAKE’s certified engineers have the expertise needed to provide complex tactical and enterprise platforms to meet the many unique communications challenges of our nation’s military operations. We provide technology integration services for any military communications need from rapidly deployable mobile satellite kits to entire custom-designed field command centers. Plus, we have the first-hand experience in working with the Department of Defense which gives us the knowledge to design solutions that map into the Mil Standards, APL, and DISA 5-year strategic plan.

Our services span every aspect of mobile, tactical, and enterprise communications systems. Whether you need mobile satellite communications products, technology integrated vehicles, or enterprise IP-networks, our suite of services is comprehensive and our certified team can assist you in customizing a solution to ensure your military personnel, whether in command centers or forward-deployed, can send and receive the vital data needed for mission success.

Our services include:

  • Enterprise Services
  • Satellite Communications
  • TICS Warrior-S
  • Tactical-IP VSAT Service
  • Network Infrastructure

PEAKE is proud to have provided tactical, vehicular and enterprise solutions for the DoD.

Some of our clients include:

  • DISA
  • US Army
  • US Navy
  • National Guard


PEAKE has years of experience engineering robust, reliable communications solutions for the DoD. Many of our products have been specifically designed based on lessons learned from our experience with the unique communications challenges of US Military organizations. Our certified engineers will ensure you have the right communications solution to aid in mission success and are also in compliance with all government standards.

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