PEAKE provides custom audio, video, and data technology solutions, specialty vehicles and enterprise solutions for customers in both the Private and Public sectors. Nothing is more critical to the efficiency and overall success of an operation than clear, seamless, and always available communications between headquarters, mobile command centers, and all field personnel. Whether for public safety, disaster response, or business continuity, our experienced, certified engineers have the expertise to design and integrate communications solutions for any need in any industry. Customers like FEMA, the DoD, the US Army, the FBI, Exelon, Cisco, Pacific Gas and Electric, and numerous public safety departments put their vital communications in the capable hands of the professionals at PEAKE.
When it comes to Public Safety, time is the most important factor in reducing negative outcomes. Emergency Management Agencies turn to PEAKE for state-of-the-art technology and innovative solutions that can be deployed quickly and provide immediate, reliable communications.
Whether creating solutions to equip personnel in the field with reliable satellite communications, integrating the latest technology into fixed and mobile command centers, or providing enterprise communications to ensure business continuity for your entire operation both in the field and in your headquarters, our engineers will ensure you have the right solution to handle any challenge.
PEAKE’s certified engineers have the expertise needed to provide complex tactical and enterprise platforms to meet the many unique operational challenges of our nation’s military operations. We provide rugged, reliable, and secure solutions for any military communications need.
PEAKE has worked with a variety of Civilian Government Agencies and understands the unique operational challenges they face. Our certified engineers have the expertise and experience to create custom communications and vehicular solutions, of any size and scope while meeting specific government mandates and directives
When Energy companies need self-reliant communications and emergency critical infrastructure to aid in rapid response efforts, PEAKE has the advanced technology and certified engineers to design and implement the reliable, rapidly deployable solutions and vehicles they need.
The security of our nation can’t be compromised, and PEAKE provides Homeland Security with the advanced solutions they can rely on for real-time, seamless audio, video, and data streaming technology, enterprise communications services and specialty vehicles to help ensure threats are reduced and citizens are safer.

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“We are more than pleased with the way it turned out. It has exceeded our expectations and we can’t wait to get our IT equipment installed and get it out on the road. Your staff did a great job going over everything with us and added a few things that we didn’t expect.”- John Irwin Operations Commander, CVSU-JFK

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“We love the attention your company provides, and your high level of customer service and good communication will keep us as customers. Your custom builds are top notch.”- Sergeant Bernie Crumbacker, 
Baltimore County Police Department

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“We look forward to working with you on developing what we feel will the best mobile Lidar office van in the industry.”- Daniel J. Maletic, PE Senior Vice President Greenman-Pedersen, Inc.


PEAKE is dedicated to achieving the missions of our clients with our clients. From concept to technology design and implementation through to mission accomplishment, we use our diverse expertise in mobile infrastructure, communication systems, and vehicle customization to ensure operational enablement for any Market.

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