Tactical Communications

PEAKE develops state-of-the-art tactical communications kits rugged enough to provide fast, reliable communication where it is most critical – at the scene of the action. No matter the conditions, our tactical communication solutions can be relied upon to provide seamless connectivity with Ku-Band and Ka-Band VSAT, BGAN, and Cellular uplinks. PEAKE’s communication kits are fully customizable and scalable. Whether you need portable communication kits and fly-away antennas for “First-In” communications, vehicle mounted kits for field operations, or a more robust kit for business continuity, we will make sure you have the right solution to ensure mission success.

PEAKE’s turnkey, ultra-portable communication kits ensure you can establish communications in any tactical environment. With a robust design incorporating the latest voice, data and audio/video technology, our kits provide fast, reliable connections to Cellular, VSAT or Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) uplink, so mission-critical data is always available at a moment’s notice.

Our Warrior line of hand-carry communication kits include:

Warrior-S: innovative kit that has an integrated controller and works with portable auto-acquire antennas (Ku and Ka Band) to provide reliable, IP-centric converged voice, video, and data within minutes of deployment.

Warrior-C: portable kit that connects users with the existing cellular network for critical voice, video and data communications.

Warrior-B: portable kit that utilizes the Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN), providing communications at the scene of action, anywhere in the world.

Warrior-Outrigger: a network extension system designed to enhance and expand the capabilities of the vital communications systems aboard a Mobile Command Center, Communications Trailer or Flyaway system to meet any operational footprint.

When quick, seamless video streaming is critical to your mission, the PEAKE Video Kit is the rapidly deployable, fully integrated video-over-IP solution you can rely on for your field operation. Our Video Kit is device agnostic, allowing your team to use any camera system that works for your operation.

PEAKE will design a video solution tailored to the unique needs of your mission. We provide fixed or mobile kits uplinked through cellular, satellite, or existing Internet with the ability to send multiple real-time streams back to your headquarters, command center, or EOC. Our video kits also include access to the web-based VirtualVideoWall portal for clear, always-on, organized display of your live video.

Your operation proceeds at the speed of your communication. PEAKE partners with industry leading fly-away antenna manufacturers to provide customers with rapidly deployable communications for critical voice, video and data capability. Combine PEAKE communication kits with a fly-away antenna to give your personnel the field communications capability needed for mission success.

At PEAKE, we pride ourselves on our mission-first approach. We work closely with each of our customers to make sure we fully understand the unique challenges that come from tactical communications and their specific operations. This allows us to custom design the solution of the right scale and technological capability to ensure mission success. From basic, satellite-connected field communications kits to state-of-the-art mobile command centers with VSAT service providing IP-centric real-time streaming video, no operation is too large or challenging for PEAKE.


PEAKE uniquely understands the challenges that our customer face while in the various tactical operational environments in which they operate. We have built custom kit solutions for disaster relief organizations, search and rescue teams, private business organizations, tactical military teams and more. Each operation is unique and each solution is built with that operation in mind.

To learn more about what PEAKE is the ideal partner for custom solutions to for your tactical communications challenges and more, visit our Why PEAKE page.

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