FIXED Operations CenterS

Your operations center is the lifeblood of your mission and your mission can’t afford weak connections, faltering communications, or underestimated operational needs. PEAKE works hand-in-hand with every customer to ensure that your operations center and fixed locations have the advanced technology and capabilities necessary for mission success. Our certified engineers custom design the right site-specific solution, whether integrating technology into an existing command center or creating your headquarters from the ground up. PEAKE can integrate any audio and video technology with any network type to ensure secure, reliable and redundant communication lines and connectivity to any resources in the field. From streaming video walls to conference rooms with SMARTBoard installation, we help operations centers perform at their PEAKE.

Our experts will combine their years of design expertise with the latest products from industry leaders to create a state-of-the-art A/V solution built to your specific mission needs. 

  • Advanced Video switching
  • Audio/Video conversion
  • Secure video systems
  • Installation of monitors, SMARTBoards, and any other devices

PEAKE is helping our customers increase their operational efficiency with unified communication integration in their operation centers.

  • Integrate all of your enterprise communications services
  • Instant messaging, voice, presence information, mobility features, desktop sharing
  • Streamline processes and increase productivity

As technology integrators, PEAKE makes the security of all data moving in and out of your operations center a top priority.

  • Active, up to date security controls
  • Latest threat detection capabilities
  • Discovery tools
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Threat intelligence
  • Wired and wireless security

PEAKE offers a comprehensive suite of communications solutions for command centers providing support to operations of any size and complexity.

For information regarding our suite of communication services, click here.

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