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Your operations center is the lifeblood of your mission and your mission can’t afford weak connections, faltering communications, or underestimated operational needs. PEAKE works hand-in-hand with every customer to ensure that your operations center and fixed locations have the advanced technology and capabilities necessary for mission success. Our certified engineers custom design the right site-specific solution, whether integrating technology into an existing command center or creating your headquarters from the ground up. PEAKE can integrate any audio and video technology with any network type to ensure secure, reliable and redundant communication lines and connectivity to any resources in the field. From streaming video walls to conference rooms with SMARTBoard installation, we help operations centers perform at their PEAKE.

PEAKE understands how vital reliable, real-time communications are to any mission. This is why you can count on us to ensure the audio and video capabilities at your operations center are second to none. Our experts will combine their years of design expertise with the latest products from industry leaders to create a state-of-the-art A/V solution built to your specific mission needs. Our teams design and integrate solutions including advanced video switching, audio/video conversion, full video systems, and installation of monitors, SMARTBoards and any other devices. Your operations center will never be left in the dark when you put your A/V technology in the hands of PEAKE.

PEAKE is helping our customers increase their operational efficiency with unified communication integration in their operation centers. When our certified engineers integrate all of your enterprise communications services, including instant messaging, voice, presence information, mobility features, desktop sharing, and more, you’ll be able to better deliver mission-critical messages and data. For operations managers in emergency-oriented operations this more efficient communication solution could be potentially life-saving or damage-mitigating. For any operation, it helps stream-line processes and increase productivity, so you can complete your mission objectives faster.

To provide teams in the field with the leadership they need, PEAKE provides operations centers with the latest technology for real-time connectivity to resources. Our engineers will work with operations managers to find out the full scope of information gathering needed, and create a custom solution to reliably receive and quickly process data for accurate decision making. Our teams can install video walls relaying real-time streams from multiple vehicles or remote cameras anywhere in the field, seamless audio feeds, or any data vital to mission success. In most operations, time is one of the most critical factors. PEAKE’s commitment to the best technology in the industry and the experience of our teams will make connectivity to resources so seamless that command center staff feel as if they are right on scene.

As technology integrators, PEAKE makes the security of all data moving in and out your operations center a top priority. The wired and wireless networks that we install include active security controls and the latest threat detection capabilities, providing discovery tools, real-time monitoring, and up-to-date threat intelligence to stay a step ahead of both known and emerging threats. Your mission-critical data and operational infrastructure are in good hands with PEAKE.

PEAKE offers a comprehensive suite of communications solutions for command centers providing support to operations of any size and complexity. Our certified engineers have experience integrating command centers with custom communications and IT architecture solutions, including bandwidth services, satellite connectivity, video integration technology, voice-over-IP, and more. We work with each customer to ensure there are no data or communication gaps that could compromise mission success. You can be certain that when you choose to work with us, you’ll get a fully customized enterprise communications solution that you can rely on throughout the life of your operation. We not only provide expert design and installation services, but we can provide on-going maintenance and even professional staff to operate your communications technology.


PEAKE has 10 years of experience providing solutions and integrating technology into operations centers. We combine our expertise in communications technology with industry-leading products to custom-design technology solutions that allow operations center staff to operated and successfully communicate with resources in the field.

To learn more about what PEAKE is the ideal partner for custom solutions to for your fixed technology challenges and more, visit our Why PEAKE page.

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