PEAKE specializes in mobile technology integration. Often your mission brings you away from your standard operations center, and PEAKE has the experience to ensure your vital communications are fast, clear, and efficient no matter how remote the operation. We pride ourselves on our flexibility. From one truck outfitted with satellite communications to an entire fleet sending real-time information back to an operations center, no mission is too simple or too complex for PEAKE. Whether you need to procure a fleet or retrofit your existing vehicles, we are here to provide you support every step of the way.

No matter the vehicle, PEAKE can transform it into the trusted eyes and ears of your mission. We specialize in integrating state-of-the-art audio/video systems for real-time, on-the-move surveillance with reliable high-definition streaming, quick conversion, and virtually any audio/video capability your operation needs. Our highly experienced, certified team takes the time to understand the details of your mission to custom design and engineer the solution that’s right for you. At PEAKE, we’ve tailored A/V solutions for mobile operations in emergency management, public safety, critical infrastructure, military, government, and the corporate sector.

  • Mobile Video Streaming
  • Audio/Video System Install
  • Video Surveillance
  • Mesh and “Ad Hoc” Video Networks
  • Video Teleconference
  • Secure Video Systems

For operations on the move, a fast and reliable network connection is critical to mission success. PEAKE is the market leader in technology integration for mobile operations, and our seasoned team of experts can integrate both wired and wireless IP networks into any mobile platform for dependable on-scene communication and operations center reach back. Our robust IP networks have the strength and flexibility to connect to any mobile devices from laptops to cameras to sensors, and seamlessly integrate Land Mobile Radio. At PEAKE, we enable our customers to connect to anything at anytime… anywhere.

  • Secure IP Mobile Networks
  • Wired and Wireless
  • “IP to Anything”
  • Radio to IP

PEAKE understands the importance of reliable real-time communications reach back when field operators need mission-critical support from their operations centers. We only utilize the most reliable, state-of-the-art technology from industry leaders to ensure mobile platforms are integrated with networks, satellites, and data link technology. This commitment to innovation and best of breed technology enables PEAKE to deliver a clear, reliable channel of communication to fixed operations centers. With PEAKE, it’s the quality of our technology and the expertise of our integration professionals that make all the difference.

PEAKE’S Communication Services provide operators with the cloud-based voice, video, data and radio services you need to communicate effectively throughout your mission.  PEAKE’s Tactical IP VSAT is the push-button, satellite communications solution your mobile operation needs. With access to multiple satellite networks across the globe providing always-on bandwidth, your mission-critical data is at your fingertips at all times.  Our VSAT services are custom built to integrate Broadband Data, Voice-over-IP, LMR-over-IP, Video Surveillance, Video Telepresence, and any services vital to your mobile operation.

  • Satellite Service
  • Hosted Voice over IP
  • Radio Interoperability
  • Video Streaming

For forward deployed operations, traditional wired connections alone simply won’t do. PEAKE is recognized for achieving Advanced Wireless LAN Specialization, and we have the proven knowledge and expertise in building and maintaining unified wireless 802.11 LAN solutions to meet any operational challenge. We have years of experience integrating wireless mesh access points into tactical command vehicles of all kinds, providing reliable, localized wireless access for use by mission personnel. This includes lightning fast 4G LTE capability for seamless audio, video and data transmission.

  • Wireless Networks for Mobile environments
  • Cellular/LTE connectivity
  • Mesh networking

At PEAKE, we never overlook security. When we integrate wired or wireless networks into your operation, you can rest assured that they include active security controls with the most up-to-date threat detection capabilities to protect your mission-critical data and infrastructure. Our systems provide discovery tools, real-time monitoring, and the latest threat intelligence to keep your team on top of both known and emerging threats.

  • Network Hardening
  • Policy and Procedure
  • IA Compliance
  • IAVA


PEAKE has 10 years of experience providing solutions for operations in mobile environments.  We combine our expertise in communications technology with industry-leading products to custom-design technology solutions that allow mission-focused personnel to function seamlessly in the field.

To learn more about how PEAKE is the ideal partner for custom solutions to for your communications challenges and more, visit our Why PEAKE page.

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