System Design & Engineering

PEAKE leverages more than a decade of experience in advanced satellite communications systems, turn-key mobile and fixed infrastructure solutions to deliver expert system design and engineering services. Our solutions are customer designed for operations of all sizes and scopes in both the public and private sectors. We utilize our engineering expertise and first-hand knowledge of the Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG), as well as ISO 152 88, CMMI, STIG and JITC guidelines to deliver predictability to the engineering process.

PEAKE is the trusted engineer of mobile infrastructure solutions for operations needing to keep field personnel connected in even the most unforgiving, austere, and bandwidth-constrained conditions. PEAKE mobile solutions are some of the most technically advanced in the industry, rugged and functional for non-technical users.
PEAKE works closely with every customer to ensure our certified engineers understand the unique challenges of their operation to make certain we design and implement the enterprise infrastructure solution that will fully support their mission without fail. We conduct Analysis of Alternatives and our 3-step technology roadmap for your enterprise will ensure the best use of resources to protect your investment and expedite mission success.
PEAKE has the experience to navigate the complexities and challenges of successfully delivering COMSAT services to DoD, Federal Agencies, and civilian operations. PEAKE has successfully designed over 500 state-of-the-art COMSAT solutions over the past decade. We will leverage this expertise to ensure your operation has the always-on, seamless satellite communications it needs for mission success.
Cybersecurity and its role in the safeguarding of sensitive information have never been more important. For all system engineering efforts, PEAKE develops an Information Security Plan (ISP) to address any system vulnerabilities and track all Information Assurance risks.

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