O&M Management programs

At PEAKE, we believe O&M management is a critical component of program effectiveness and mission readiness. Our experienced and highly trained team has the knowledge and expertise to implement an overall program covering the five vital functions that make up any organization, including Operations, Maintenance, Engineering, Training, and Administration. No matter the unique challenges of your industry or the complex technology you utilize for day-to-day operations, we tailor efficient, scalable O&M management programs that ensure 24/7 mission readiness.
PEAKE’s certified engineers have the experience and capability to support on-going maintenance of complex systems built on Everything over Internet Protocol (EoIP) concepts, power systems, and designs that are compliant with agency specification.

This includes the following:

  • Classified and unclassified VoIP telephony systems
  • IP satellite modems and transmission equipment
  • IP network security devices, such as TACLANE KG-175 encryption devices
  • Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Network (DMVPN)
  • IP Video solutions for classified and unclassified networks
  • Secure data networks and secure tunneling technology
  • VPN and remote access; and industry IP monitoring tools to actively support network health and availability
PEAKE provides tier 1-2-3 staffing for government SOC/NOC/EOC centers. We have experience designing and engineering mobile and fixed command center solutions, which gives us the unique expertise necessary to provide knowledgeable, reliable mission-focused service desk support. Our professionals are proficient in the efficient operation and necessary maintenance of numerous forms of communications and IT technology.
At PEAKE, we understand the importance of eliminating dangerous vulnerabilities in your critical information systems. Our IT professionals are highly proficient in providing security controls for information systems categorized in accordance with FIPS 199 in the following areas: System Services and Acquisition, Security Planning, Configuration Management, Communications Protection, Maintenance Systems, Information Integrity, Incident Response, Identification and Authentication, Access Control, Accountability and Audit, and Awareness and Training.

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