A reliable voice connection is the foundation of any communications solution. PEAKE provides customers with a robust voice solution developed by our certified engineers using the latest technologies. Our voice network provides a redundant gateway system that is flexible enough to accommodate VSAT broadband satellite connections as well as landline connections or whatever your particular mission calls for. Additionally, our network provides AES encryption channels to ensure your mission-critical voice communications are secure.
PEAKE’s Tactical Voice™ solution is built using the latest standards-based, off-the-shelf technologies and offers a highly available architecture to accommodate operations of all kinds. Our voice system’s greatest asset is its flexibility, and we work with each customer to ensure their mission has the right solution to achieve mission success. While primarily built to connect to VSAT broadband satellite networks, our system can also easily accommodate DSL, cable, T-1 and other landline communications. Our system brings all VoIP calls from your SIP or H.323 gateway into our network. From there, we provide end-users with a single or set of Direct Inward Dial (DID) line appearances. All voice traffic, no matter the source, is transmitted through these lines secured by AES encryption tunnels. Our network also provides users a local DID phone number “presence” from over 43 LEC markets allowing you to keep a number in the area code where you are headquartered.
PEAKE’s Tactical Voice™ is a robust system for mission-focused personnel who need a voice communication solution they can rely on for seamless communication.

Tactical Voice™ features:

  • Flexible connectivity for connection to voice services
  • Redundant gateway systems
  • 5-digit internal dialing
  • AES encryption tunnels secure traffic
  • Single or set of Direct Inward Dial (DID) line
  • Local DID allows for phone number in own area code

PEAKE offers competitive pricing for its Tactical Voice™ solution. Customers may choose from:

  • Basic Tactical-Voice DID at $50-per-month
  • Premium Tactical-Voice DID (Basic plus Satellite CIR) at $75-per-month.
  • Custom solutions available- contact PEAKE for pricing


PEAKE has the experience and technology that allow us to customize voice solutions to meet the unique challenges of your specific mission. Our voice network is secure, flexible, and designed utilizing the most trusted voice technology products in the industry. Plus, through an innovative and convenient billing process, you can protect your organization from high monthly rate fees and unexpected overages. With the team at PEAKE at your side, your operation will run as efficiently as possible, allowing you to concentrate on the mission at hand.

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