TACTICAL Voice Communications

A reliable voice connection is the foundation of any communications solution. PEAKE provides customers with a robust voice solution developed by our certified engineers using the latest technologies. Our voice network provides a redundant gateway system that is flexible enough to accommodate VSAT broadband satellite connections as well as landline connections or whatever your particular mission calls for. Additionally, our network provides AES encryption channels to ensure your mission-critical voice communications are secure.

PEAKE’s Tactical Voice™ solution is built using the latest standards-based, off-the-shelf technologies and offers a highly available architecture to accommodate operations of all kinds.

  • Flexible connectivity for connection to voice services
  • Redundant gateway systems
  • 5-digit internal dialing; Single or set of Direct Inward Dial (DID) line
  • AES encryption tunnels secure traffic
  • Local DID allows for phone number in own area code
  • Tactical IP Standard, Connect and Premium plan options available

AgencyConnect remains operational when everything is offline, allowing you to connect with any other Agency on the network, or any network.

For more on AgencyConnect and to view Agency2Agency Plans, click here.

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