PEAKE provides customers carrying out mobile and tactical operations with immediate situational awareness through IP-enabled mesh-based video solutions. In the field, our incident area networks (IANs) are rapidly deployable and instantly ready to send seamless video streams over any connection, our reliable Tactical-IP VSAT service. At mission command centers, seamless, real-time video is streamed and organized via our VirtualVideoWall™ service, allowing clear display of actionable, visual information for quick decision-making. Our experienced engineers will work with you to ensure your operation has the video capabilities it needs so that you always have eyes at the scene.

PEAKE’s state-of-the-art VirtualVideoWall allows decision-makers to quickly view multiple, real-time video streams from anywhere portable or fixed cameras are deployed. This web-based video dashboard is fully customizable and features a credentialing system which allows you full control over video sharing. With VirtualVideoWall™ you can publish full or limited views of video assets, and even review detailed logs of user logins, videos viewed, and other user activities. Your dashboard also features a Google-Map based view which allows you to see real-time location of the units along and other customized information. Our experienced team will work with you to design and install the VirtualVideoWall™ with the specifications you need for your command center and the capabilities you need to complete your mission successfully.

PEAKE’s VirtualVideoWall is the ultimate video dashboard for mission-focused personnel who need to clearly view, share, and analyze actionable video information.

VirtualVideoWall features:

  • Web-based Video Portal
  • Securely share and receive video between agencies
  • Publish Full of Limited views of video assets
  • Google-map based view shows deployed cameras and video streams
  • Detailed Login information

VirtualVideoWall packages include:


      • 5 Users
      • No Mobile
      • $99 per month


        • 10 Users
        • Mobile Included
        • $125 per month


        • Add 5 Users= $5 per month
        • Add 10 Users= $10 per month



PEAKE has the experience and technology that allow us to customize video solutions to meet the unique challenges of your specific mission. Our video technology is robust and quickly deployable, instantly sending clear, seamless streaming video to command centers for immediate situational awareness. With the team at PEAKE at your side, your operation will run as efficiently as possible, allowing you to concentrate on the mission at hand.

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