Communication Services

PEAKE understands that nothing is more critical to your mission than fast, seamless and reliable communications. This is why we provide state-of-the-art satellite, voice and engineering support services. Our certified engineers have years of experience custom designing and integrating solutions connecting always-on broadband data, voice-over-IP and more vital communications channels to networks worldwide. From mobile support vehicles to fixed command centers, our seasoned professionals use their expertise in operational support and the latest in communications technology to provide customers with reliable, real-time audio, and mission-critical data reporting capabilities.

PEAKE’s Tactical Voice Network was built using the latest technology and offers a highly available architecture through the use of redundant gateway systems. Our voice services offer flexible connectivity as well as robust security with AES encryption tunnels.
PEAKE’s Tactical-IP VSAT service provides instant access to data, voice and video communications at the push of a button. Our multiple-tier, redundant satellite network gives mission-focused personnel the reliable connectivity they need to ensure mission success no matter the conditions.
PEAKE’s certified engineers have been designing, crafting, and implementing communications and infrastructure solutions for mission-focused personnel for more than decade, and they have the in-depth knowledge to provide any and all engineering support you need for mission success.

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