11STEVENSVILLE, Md. – The United States Marshal’s Service Tactical Operations Division took delivery of an upgraded Incident Response vehicle from PEAKE.  PEAKE installed upgraded equipment and video solutions in the vehicle giving the agency increased capability.

PEAKE upgraded the vehicles’ core IP-communications system with the installation and 12configuration of a new Cisco router.  The upgrade increases the team’s ability to communicate seamlessly throughout a deployment.  PEAKE also rack-mounted laptops wired to workstation monitors and keyboards, providing the agents with ample desk space for efficiency.

13The additional installation of a video switcher and new camera provides the TACOPS team upgraded video surveillance and awareness capability that is necessary for performing operations in the field.

The US Marshals Service is the federal law enforcement agency within the US Department of Justice. According to their website, the TACOPS division “directs, coordinates, manages and supports the following Marshals Service entities: the Special Operations Group (SOG); Office of Emergency Management (OEM); Office of Inspection; Emergency Operations Center; and the Marshals Service Communications Center.”


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