????????????????????????????????????STEVENSVILLE, Md.– The South Carolina National Guard has recently taken delivery of an advanced communications vehicle by PEAKE, giving the State’s Adjutant General (AG) a mobile solution that maintains continuity of operations (COOP) and communications for the leadership.

Integrated on a 2011 Chevy Tahoe, the SCNG utilizes a roof-mounted Hughes BGAN 9450 on-the-move satellite terminal to provide the primary connectivity backbone.  The Broadband Global Area Network is a global solution that provides simultaneous, high-speed voice and data connections.  With the Hughes 9450 terminal, SCNG can send and receive phone calls and data while in motion. As a cost-effective alternate, the system can automatically route data while in motion over the Verizon 4g network. This gives the SCNG a practical solution for use in times when infrastructure is intact and the ability to go satellite-based when terrestrial systems become overloaded or unavailable.

Installed in the cargo area of the Tahoe is the innovative PEAKE CommSLED™ solution.   The CommSLED is a custom-built, sleek ‘unconventional rack’ enclosure that houses the vehicles auxiliary power system, communications and networking equipment.  The sled is a unique design created to provide an agency with essential communications that can ultimately be transferable into another agency asset or vehicle.

“The initial design of the CommSLED was to be able to cost effectively install a comprehensive communication solution in a GSA vehicle. The GSA configuration in effect is a leasing arrangement and so therefore minimal modifications to the vehicle are permitted.  The entire system, including the rear CommSLED, custom center console and roof deck can be removed from the vehicle and transferred to a different vehicle when the vehicle is called for replacement,” said Chris Boyd, Chief Solutions Architect for PEAKE.  As an added benefit, it allows PEAKE to fully integrate the communications system prior to vehicle arrival, meaning faster turn-around for the customer.

PEAKE installed a Pioneer Navigation System with Bluetooth Audio for mobile devices allowing hands-free calling and turn-by-turn navigation. In-Motion DirecTV is also provided to headrest-mounted video screens along with a computer mount and Cisco IP Phone providing a fully operational mobile workstation for the AG and his team.  The center console includes a multiband UHF/VHF LMR radio, 800-mhz trunked radio and Motorola XTVA for docking a portable radio. The customer requested an iPad tablet mount for additional communications resource for the front seat passenger.

The entire system runs from either engine-driven power from an on-board inverter system or via shore-power for on-the-pause operations. When on shore-power the inverter system manages the charge state of the various batteries installed in the CommSLED.


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