Ringwood_MCV_Update_2016001Ringwood New Jersey Office of Emergency Management recently contracted Incident Communications Solutions to supply MCU upgrades to fit their command and control needs. The office works closely with Federal, State, County and local agencies to assure the coordination of large scale events.  The upgrades integrated into the MCU by PEAKE will give Ringwood additional communications and video capability that will enhance operations.


The PEAKE Specialty Vehicle provided a number of upgrades for this project, including the installation and integration of:

  • Sharp Smartboard 60” Edge Lit LED Backlight Interactive Display System w/ Touch Pen Software
  • Exterior Video
  • Exterior Cameras/Mast Warning
  • Mast Move/Dual Display Workstation
  • Agilemesh Mods
  • POT Lines
  • IP Phones and Gang Charger
  • Standard Warrior-Style Outrigger

The customer-supplied Sharp Smartboard was installed on a removable bracket system on the exterior curb side of the vehicle. Cabling access was fit into the existing connection panel and integrated with the existing video switching system. PEAKE also provided and installed 3 HDMI ports to ECP with HDMI cables to connect to the Smartboard. A DirectTV H24 receiver with a custom Mid Atlantic shelf in the rack was included in this part of the upgrade. Additionally, the PEAKE team installed a four pane driver display and camera system; one street side, one curbside, one rear facing, and one backup.

For mast up notification, an audible alarm with a flashing light was installed in the driver’s area. A switch on the satellite dish was connected to the mast warning system as well. The team had to move the mast base up approximately 12” to allow for use of trailer hitch, and then provided and installed dual LG 22″ LED displays mounted to interior curb side rear wall.

The Agilemesh Kit was upgraded by the PEAKE team, who provided and installed a video encoder and GX450 modem.  Four additional POTS lines were installed to be functional on the call manager express router. The IP Phones integrated into this upgrade were six Cisco 7962G and included a rugged case with foam insert. The Gang Charger installed by the PEAKE team was mounted to the wall to hold six customer furnished DuraFons. The standard, Warrior-style Outrigger upgrade included 16 Ethernet ports, PoE, fiber-optic connection, Wi-Fi capabilities, and Pelican case.

The Warrior Outrigger gives Ringwood OEM the option to extend the MCU connectivity to a location outside of the vehicle.  With the supplied 1000ft of Tactical Fiber cable, the Outrigger can be positioned in a tent, building or additional vehicle and extend the communications reach of the MCU.

PEAKE is a leading integrator of complex, multi-platform solutions for Public Safety, Critical Infrastructure, Federal Agencies, and DOD.  The quality of our expert systems integration and custom turnkey solutions is reflected in the upgrades completed for Ringwood OEM.

For more information on PEAKE Integration Solutions visit: https://peake.com/integration

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