6Stevensville, MD (March 2012)-  The Queen Anne’s County (MD) Office of the Sheriff has taken delivery of several 2012 Chevy Caprice’s equipment installed and integrated by PEAKE.

The QAC Office of the Sheriff has an open contract with PEAKE to install and integrate equipment into new or existing patrol cars, vans, SUV’s or any vehicle provided by the office.  Installation of lights, sirens, antennas, mobile data terminals, video surveillance solutions, and communications equipment provide the Office of the Sheriff with necessary patrol and surveillance needs.

PEAKE has delivered seven Chevy Caprice patrol cars to the QAC Sheriff’s Office complete with lights and sirens installation and video surveillance and recording equipment.  Each vehicle has antennas mounted to the trunk to provide cellular connectivity.

The core installation of the communications equipment is located inside the vehicle’s trunk.  A digital video recorder (DVR) records video from the passenger-side mounted camera, providing the patrol officers video surveillance.  Images from the camera can be streamed back to dispatch to be viewed in real-time.

According to their website, the Queen Anne’s County Sheriff and deputies patrol the approximately 372 square miles of Queen Anne’s County and provide police services to the estimated population of 46,000 residents and tourist and commuters 365 days a year from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to the Delaware State Line.


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