Twisted Pair’s WAVE Provides Communications Interoperability for Charlotte UASI Mobile Operations Center

WAVE Software Enables Instant Communication with Any Device for Faster Emergency Response

2008-04-28 21:21:24 – Twisted Pair Solutions (, a pioneer in unified communications software built to open standards, today announced Charlotte, North Carolina Fire Department has deployed Twisted Pair’s WAVE software in its new Mobile Operations Center (MOC-1) which serves the City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, NC and ten surrounding counties comprising the Charlotte Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) Region.

Seattle, Washington, USA – April 28, 2008 – The 53-foot long MOC-1 helps the Charlotte Fire Department respond to and mitigate large-scale fires, hazardous materials incidents, major public events and other duties related to emergency management for the Charlotte UASI Region. For the communication system deployment, the department worked with PEAKE, LLC, a turnkey service provider and WAVE Solution Partner specializing in customized, mobile field communications for first responders.

‘Charlotte Fire required a communications solution that not only met the physical requirements of the mobile-tactical environment, but also provided a robust communications environment for radio and interoperable communications,’ said Christopher Boyd, Communications Architect at ICS. ‘The WAVE deployment in the MOC-1 offers personnel the ability to communicate with incident resources, both in a traditional dispatch-oriented environment as well as in a dynamic ad-hoc situation requiring multiple agencies. Using the WAVE Dispatch Communicator, the MOC-1 offers eight dedicated positions for dispatchers to offer unified communications to a myriad of responders, mutual aid providers and command staff both on- and off-site.’

‘The MOC-1 is about helping to integrate communications between emergency responders in times of crisis where seconds save lives,’ says Jeff Dulin, Deputy Chief of Special Operations and Homeland Security at the Charlotte Fire Department. ‘The integration of communications across 47 disparate jurisdictions of the UASI is designed to ensure appropriate first responder communications during emergency situations. With this solution, the MOC-1 allows any UASI jurisdiction to interoperate for command and control of any incident.’

PEAKE is a technology solutions provider specializing in the design, development and implementation of IP-based emergency communications. PEAKE provides turnkey solutions in voice, video and data for first responders, disaster recovery and continuity of operations. For more information, visit

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