16STEVENSVILLE, MD – (April 2014) Baltimore County Emergency Management’s Mobile Command Vehicle has recently been upgraded by PEAKE. PEAKE has increased the MCV’s capability by installing a new 1-meter auto-acquire VSAT antenna, giving Baltimore County EMA the ability to communicate when traditional means are unavailable.

Along with the installation of the new Explorer 7100 Drive Away Antenna, PEAKE also integrated a new iDirect Evolution X5 modem into the MCV infrastructure.  The X5 is designed specifically to support mission-critical applications and enables the network to support higher data rates and greater traffic volumes to meet increased demand.

Utilizing PEAKE Tactical-IP™ VSAT service, the BC-EMA MCV can be set-up in moments and can achieve connectivity speeds of up to 5Mb/s download and 2Mb/s upload anywhere in the continental United States.  This VSAT uplink ensures communication throughout a deployment even as other forms of communication (cellular, landlines, etc) are unavailable or overloaded.  This upgrade to Tactical-IP will give Baltimore County Emergency Management a solution that integrates voice-over-IP, Video (Surveillance and Conferencing) and other high speed data communications.

The VSAT installation and upgrade to Tactical-IP satellite service provides Baltimore County with increased capability when responding or deploying to an incident or event.


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