Picture 11Port Arthur, TX (February, 20 2009)  PEAKE personnel recently provided deployment support for Southeast Texas Mardi Gras celebration in Port Arthur, TX.

In support of the Port Arthur Police Department (PAPD), PEAKE personnel were on site throughout the city’s Mardi Gras festivities.  Fire truck manufacturer E-ONE’s hybrid mobile command center, dubbed HE-ONE, filled the role as Public Safety Command Center through the duration of the events.  This environmentally friendly vehicle features leading communication technology, along with a conference area and dispatch area, and has the ability to provide auxiliary power in an engine off mode reducing on-scene noise, fuel consumption, and fossil fuel emissions.

PEAKE provided communication support for HE-ONE, which was deployed for use by the PAPD in order to maintain public safety and command control of the week’s festivities.  Operational command, as well as Central Dispatch were based out of HE-ONE.  Along with the vehicles existing satellite and cellular capabilities, hard-line phone circuits were installed giving the command team numerous options for communication.

HE-ONE relied on PEAKE’s Tactical-IPTM satellite service to provide a reliable VSAT connection.  Tactical-IP satellite service provides a dependable and economical solution that establishes voice, video and data links from any incident, regardless of location or condition.

PEAKE is a technology solutions provider specializing in the design, development and implementation of IP-based emergency communications. PEAKE provides turnkey solutions in voice, video and data for first responders, disaster recovery and continuity of operations. www.peake.com.

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