MHQ_MobileOffice_004PEAKE custom van to be used as mobile office for Massachusetts Attorney General

MHQ, an emergency services vehicle upfitter, recently contracted PEAKE to enhance a 2016 Ford Transit Van to fit their mobilization needs. The finished vehicle will be used as a mobile office for the Massachusetts attorney general’s office.


The PEAKE Specialty Vehicle division conversion for this vehicle included:

  • Interior Finish
    • Insulated walls, doors, and ceiling and covered with marine carpet over plywood with all edges trimmed
  • Lighting Installations
    • Multiple red/white LED lights on the ceiling to illuminate the interior with switches on the rear panel
    • Additional LED lights installed under the overhead cabinets to illuminate the work counter
  • 12 Volt Electrical Systems
    • 12 volt power points, cigarette lighter and USB style outlets installed at each work station and by the rear conference area
    • PEAKE supplied and installed an auxiliary battery system consisting of two OEM style batteries installed in the rear benches isolated from the OEM battery system. The auxiliary system was wired to the inverter and aux 12 volt equipment and outlets.
  • 120 Volt Electrical Systems
    • 15 amp auto eject shore power connection, mounted on the street side rear of the exterior to provide power to the battery charger and on board 120 volt outlets when attached to exterior power source.
    • LED indicator light located in view of the driver activated when power is applied to the shore power line, as well as duplex outlets at each work station and rear conference area.
    • One Xantrex 1,000 watt sine wave inverter connected in the van and wired to the OEM battery system with the controls located on the rear control panel.
  • Custom Built Storage Solutions
    • One bench with lift lid for storage on each side in the rear with aback rest cushion and a removable table with dual drop leaf extensions. When removed the table will store in a holder next to the bench. Each wall behind the bench has a framed white board above the backrest cushion.
    • CTech aluminum cabinets over the operator counter with lift up doors with piston holders
    • Counter on the streetside of the van with two operator positions and two multi drawer file cabinets, one on each side of the counter.
  • Video and Connectivity Installations
    • Connected a customer supplied 24”-32” flat screen TV on the rear wall above the bench wired to the inverter system. Included is a Shakespeare Seawatch 3015 15” HDTV antenna mounted on the roof and connected to the TV.
    • Installed a customer supplied Sierra 450 modem and antenna working off the Verizon system, as well as two Ethernet connections at each operator area.

MHQ is in it’s 35th year established as a regional upfitter of municipal vehicles primarily for Police, Fire, DPW, Construction, College/Universities and numerous other public service agencies in the Northeast. MHQ has upfitted more than 75,000 special-purpose vehicles ranging from police cars, specialized law enforcement cars and trucks to motorcycles and SUV’s to heavy-duty trucks.[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”66″ gal_title=”MHQ Van Mobile Office”]

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