April 13, 2021 (Severna Park, MD)— PEAKE, a leading communication and enterprise services company, has launched a new satellite service line, Tactical IP CONNECT. This new service offering will bring emergency response agencies connectivity with fast speeds and low contention ratios at the lowest price.

Built on an Emergency Response Only network, Tactical IP CONNECT gives agencies a reliable satellite network with multiple bandwidth options to fit every agency’s needs. With 10 satellites to choose to connect to, Tactical IP CONNECT provides greater multi-look diversity, CONUS and OCONUS. The service offers speeds of 4×2 mpbs, 10×3 mbps and 20×5 mbps with 10 days per month coverage.

Tactical IP CONNECT OTM (On the Move) and Tactical IP CONNECT 5G services also give agencies the ability to connect via On The Move satellite technology and combined VSAT and 5G connectivity.

“We are excited to launch our new Tactical IP CONNECT service line, which provides our customers with more options for bandwidth speed, on-the-move service, and VSAT/5G combinations, all at the lowest prices on the market,” said Steve Morgan, President of PEAKE. “While our customers are facing pressure with reduced budgets, their need for high-speed connectivity on an always-available network still remains. Our new Tactical IP CONNECT service provides customer’s with a solution to fit every need.”

Other PEAKE communication services include Tactical Voice Service, Agency Connect ‘off grid’ phone service, and PRO Support ongoing engineering support service.

For more information on Tactical IP CONNECT or any PEAKE Communication Service, visit www.tacticalip.com or request a quote from sales@peake.com.



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