14STEVENSVILLE, Md. – PEAKE has recently integrated communications packages into two Chevy Suburban command vehicles for agencies in the State of Missouri. The Missouri State Highway Patrol and Missouri State Emergency Management Agency each took delivery of a suburban communication vehicle, dubbed as a Rapid Response Vehicle (RRV).

The RRV’s integration includes a turnkey IP-Network complete with Tactical-IP ™ satellite connectivity allowing for communication capabilities in any situation.  Utilizing PEAKE Tactical-IPTM Broadband VSAT Satellite Services, the vehicles maintain a reliable and economical solution that establishes voice, video and data links from any incident, regardless of location or condition.   VSAT Bandwidth utilized by the RRV’s can be configured for up to 5Mb/s downlink by 2Mb/s uplink.

Integrated into each of the RRV’s systems’ is tactical video solution AgileMesh, which provides rapidly deployable wireless mesh-based incident area networks (“IANs”) that have a particular focus on delivering video surveillance to enhance command and control.   Each vehicle is outfitted with an ACU-2000 radio interoperability solution, allowing for different radios to talk to one another once on scene.

As a part of the comprehensive IP-based communications package, each of the vehicles is equipped with Cisco Mesh Access Points which can be used to create a wireless ‘incident area network’ between the vehicles when they are deployed to an incident scene.  The access points maximize all available channels, minimize interference from unlicensed devices, and minimize latency or time delay.

The delivery of these two Rapid Response Vehicles brings the State of Missouri even more communication resources following the previous delivery of three RRV’s to several Fire Departments throughout the State.  When on-scene these vehicles have the ability to mesh together and work seamlessly on the same incident.

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