85Peake recently integrated a Dynasafe bomb disposal unit onto a trailer providing a mobile system for high explosion containment.

The DynaSEALR X10-HTR was mounted onto a trailer by Peake. Peake custom designed and installed an aluminum enclosure that conceals the vessel throughout transportation.  The Peake design and engineering team designed the enclosure specifically for this application.

According to the Dynasafe website, the bomb disposal chamber DynaSEALR X10-HTR is used by EOD specialists to safely secure, contain, transport, store or test explosives and toxics, by law enforcements, first responders, military units, public security companies, terrorism security organizations, etc.  When a suspected toxic or explosive device is detected, it is loaded into the chamber and detonated.  Contained gases can be kept inside until they are released through a valve system.

Dynasafe has 20 years of experience in the removal and management of CBRNe, UXOs and other hazardous materials when operating within areas that have been affected by terrorist activity, land mines and UXOs. They offer integrated solutions can deliver both disposal and protection systems.

Peake designs, fabricates and integrates custom solutions meeting the mission needs of their customer’s.  Private organizations leverage Peake’s unique approach, craftsmanship and expertise in designing and building custom solutions for a variety of applications.

For more information on Peake Specialty Vehicles, Trailers and solutions visit https://peake.com/specialty-vehicles


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