29STEVENSVILLE, MD – (June 2014) PEAKE’s team member Chuck Davis has completed training to earn several Extron Professional Certifications.  Chuck currently holds certifications for Extron AV Associate, Control Professional and XTP Systems Design Engineer.

Extron Electronics is a leading manufacturer of professional AV system integration products.  It is widely considered the industry premier standard in AV integration.  Extron offers both online and instructor-led training with hands-on and real-world scenarios providing an optimal learning environment.

Extron AV Associate certification provides the basic understanding of AV technologies and in-depth knowledge and training of Extron products.  The next step in the program is the Extron Control Professional.  This program is designed to prepare individuals to deploy and maintain customized AV control systems that are built around Extron’s IP Link® Pro Series and TouchLink® Pro Series products.  The XTP Systems Design Engineer program trains individuals on the design and implementation of complex, enterprise-wide digital systems.

According to Extron’s website, the following lists provide and overview of the benefits of achieving each certification:

Extron AV Associate

  • Increased familiarity with AV technologies
  • In-depth knowledge of Extron products and applications
  • Excellent opportunity for new hires to get up to speed quickly
  • Extron Certified AV Associate official recognition
  • Solid foundation for future Extron certifications
  • 10 InfoComm® renewal Units (RUs) for maintaining InfoComm CTS certifications
  • Obtain prerequisites for other Extron Certifications

Extron Control Professional

  • Master Global Configurator Professional software
  • Advanced control system design concepts for larger, more sophisticated applications
  • Advanced configuration using Global Configurator Professional
  • Configuring for integration with GlobalViewer Enterprise AV Resource Management
  • Create custom control interfaces using GUI Designer software, plus GUI design best practices
  • Complex system validation

Extron XTP Systems Design Engineer

  • Digital AV Technologies
  • XTP Systems Theory
  • XTP Systems Design

As the future looks to bring all Analog Audio/Visual systems into the Digital age, this training and certification program will benefit ICS’ and our ability to provide state of the art, complex and custom A/V solutions to our customers.


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