8STEVENSVILLE, Md.- The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Computer Analysis Response Team (CART) has taken delivery of a large mobile forensic laboratory custom designed and built by PEAKE.

The PEAKE mobile forensic laboratory solution includes a completly customized interior giving the CART the ability to conduct forensic examinations on the move. The forensic labroatory is built on a Sprinter BlueTec and is designed to provide very detailed capability to the CART team giving them the ability to conduct their missions seamlessly.  The mobile laboratory features two workstaions, ample storage for equipment, and a custom power system providing the team with the on-board power generation needed to for lengthy investigations.  The unit also features climate control, rack space for communication equpiment, and customized areas for the CART’s forensic equpiment.

PEAKE was awarded a contract with the FBI CART to provide up to 8 mobile forensic laboratories.  The laboratories are to provide CART with the capability to conduct digital forensic examinations in support of federal, state and local law enforcement investigations.  Each unit will be housed in a 2004 Dodge 3500 Sprinter Van with customized infrastructure components and custom installation of specialized equipment, provided by PEAKE.


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