1STEVENSVILLE, MD. –   (2013) PEAKE has recently delivered a communications infrastructure trailer to Jackson County 911 in West Virginia.  The trailer will provide Jackson County with backbone, redundant communications in times of need.

The “Jackson County Emergency Communication System” includes several options for uplink including a Cobham auto-acquire, roof-mounted VSAT antenna providing users with communication resources and access at the push of a button.  Airlink gateways give access to 4G wireless uplinks.  These uplinks give the 911-center access to phones, data and video streaming when other communication means are unavailable.  Four radios and an ACU 2000 interoperability solution are installed to give the center continual radio access while in the field.

The Jackson County 911 trailer uses PEAKE Tactical-IP™ Broadband VSAT Satellite Services, which establishes voice, video and data links from any incident site.  The trailer can be configured for up to 5Mb/s downlink by 2Mb/s uplink.  The on-board generator provides power for up to seven days without refueling, giving Jackson County a reliable resource in the field.  Features of the trailer include a custom external connection panel, interior storage, and scene lighting.

According to the Jackson County 911 website, the Communication Trailer was obtained through a grant with the WV Port Authority.  The grant was approved by the US Coast Guard and FEMA.  Jackson County 911 mission is to “enhance and preserve the quality of life for every citizen in Jackson County by processing emergency calls to save lives, protect and reduce property losses and preserve our environment; thereby dispatching law enforcement agencies, fire departments and emergency medical service units in an efficient, courteous and professional manner creating a safer county to live, work and visit.”

The Center dispatches for five volunteer fire departments, five law enforcement agencies, and for the Jackson County Emergency Medical Service, which maintains three stations.  The Emergency Communication System trailer provides Jackson 911 with a mobile, redundant lifeline for emergency response.


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