Picture 16STEVENSVILLE, Md. – PEAKE has been contracted to custom build and integrate four trailers for the Pennsylvania Northwest Central Emergency Response Group (NWCERG), providing the Taskforce with Command and Communication assets and resources.

PEAKE will custom build two command trailers and two communication trailers.  The command trailers will provide the NWCERG with a conference room area, workstations, shelter, radio interoperability solution, and self-sufficient power generation.  The communication trailers will have a comprehensive communications package with satellite reach back and PEAKE Tactical-IPSM Satellite service.  Both trailers will feature advanced IP-Based communications and PEAKE Tactical-VoiceSM  VoIP service, providing the Taskforce with communication ability in any condition or environment.

“The NWCERG is excited about this project, given PEAKE reputation,” stated Elk County Director of Emergency Management Mike McAllister. “Each trailer will provide us with unique resources and will solve many of our communication problems within the State of Pennsylvania.”

The Northwest Central Emergency Response Group is responsible for “protecting human life, working to mitigate emergencies and respond to manmade and natural disasters throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania”.   The areas that compromise the NWCERG are Mckean, Elk, Cameron, Clearfield, Clarion, and Jefferson Counties.

The trailers were funded using the Department of Homeland Security’s Public Safety Interoperable Communications (PSIC) Grant Program.  According to DHS documentation this investment will “improve communications at large-scale incidents and events; provide capabilities to restore voice and data communications if the fixed primary assets are destroyed; provide relay capabilities to bring voice and data communications into remote sections of the region as needed; and enhance the region’s ability to pass data and voice over the PA-STARNet system during major incidents”.

PEAKE is a technology solutions provider specializing in the design, development and implementation of IP-based emergency communications. PEAKE provides turnkey solutions in voice, video and data for first responders, disaster recovery and continuity of operations. For more information, visit

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