2014-64STEVENSVILLE, MD (September 2014) – PEAKE has recently completed an advanced A/V system upgrade at the Anne Arundel County Office of Emergency Management’s Operations Center (EOC).  The upgrade gives County personnel a state-of-the-art EOC complete with Analog to Digital conversion and a Full System network with AV function.

PEAKE designed and integrated the entire AV system to meet the needs of the County.  The EOC is used by most agencies in the county throughout an incident or event.

Highlights of the System Include:

  • Full System Connectivity  Extron XTP series hi-speed modular digital matrix switcher providing digital and analog switching/distribution into fully digital video outputs and digital/analog audio outputs.
  • Single Twisted Pair AV/Control/Ethernet Cabling Input sources and output displays are connected via Cat7 grade shielded twisted pair for high definition video transmission, system control, and isolated Ethernet over a single cable.
  • Scaled Digital Video Outputs  No matter the resolution on the inputs, the outputs are displayed to provide maximum screen fill with correct aspect ratios.
  • Agency Connectivity  Eleven of the 32 workstations have laptop inputs to the system allowing each agency to display content.  These workstations also include USB chargers.  All 32 workstations have listening ability with individual audio input control.
  • Workstation Input Flexibility  Legacy laptops with VGA or newer laptops with HDMI video outputs are automatically connected to the system.  The customer does not have to configure the computer or change the input to connect to the system, they simply plug it in and it works.
  • Touchscreen System Control  Extron Pro Series control system with a single 10” touch panel in the front of the room.  This latest equipment from Extron (released 2014) provides real time status feedback of the input and output devices connected.
  • High Definition Video Projectors Panasonic full high definition video projectors on a single custom wide screen.  These projectors are video wall ready.
  • Quad Screen Viewing  An installed quad screen processor can display up to four sources on a single display.  The inputs can be any four sources displayed in a quad arrangement on any of the displays.
  • Audio Source Control for Workstation Monitoring Each of the 32 workstations has a headphone monitor with a 5” touchscreen for selecting the input source they choose.
  • Room Wide Audio A single source and 2 microphones can be mixed together for broadcast within the room for presentations and announcements.
  • Decision Makers Breakout Room Bonus Inputs and outputs in the breakout room are controlled through the main system creating less confusion on the systems operation via 2 systems.
  • Future Expansion and Technology Upgrades The system has been designed with future expansion in mind.  These features include extra input/output slots, video wall ready devices, and 4K ready core components.
  • Remote Monitoring and Control The system has the ability to be controlled remotely via the internet.  This allows troubleshooting without always sending a technician on site.  Features also include sending email messages to key individuals for events such as components being disconnected, component power status, and projector lamp hours


The AACOEM EOC coordinates resources and facilitates the response and recovery efforts of local, state, federal and private agencies in emergencies.

To learn more about AV System upgrades, visit https://peake.com/solutions/video-integration/audiovideo-system-integration


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