1STEVENSVILLE, Md. – PEAKE Chief Communications Architect, Christopher Boyd, will moderate the panel “Improving Incident Response with Interoperable Communications” at this year’s International Wireless Conference and Exhibition (IWCE) in Las Vegas, NV.

The panel synopsis reads: “On the flip side of planned events are unplanned incidents. When these occur, it is imperative to get all incident networks – voice, video and situational awareness – tied to a wide-area network (WAN). This can be done using combination of licensed fixed and mobile broadband technologies. Understanding how to integrate these technologies into a single, cohesive network will result in a more efficient response and a safer environment for your first responders and civilians. In addition, understand how an end-to-end LTE/P25 solution provides the best of both worlds: P25 LMR for mission critical two-way voice services and LTE for mobile, high-speed data services.”

Panelists include Chuck Sackley (Vice President & General Manager, Land Mobile Radio, EADS/Plant CML), Dennis Martinez (Vice President, Broadband and Cellular Products, Harris Public Safety and Professional Communications), Morgan Wright, (Vice President, Mission Critical Communications, Alcatel-Lucent), and Kevin Tenbrunsel (North America Business Development Director for Government and Enterprise 4G Private Broadband Solutions).

The ‘Improving Incident Response with Interoperable Communications’ panel will take place on Wednesday, March 9 from to 3:00 pm – 4:15 pm.

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