13STEVENSVILLE, MD. –  (2014) In 2013, PEAKE was contracted by Federal Resources to design, fabricate and install trailer mounts for a solution they were providing to the Air National Guard.  The contract was for 92 “route-clearing” trailers to be delivered to Air National Guard teams around the country.  The trailers were designed to hold and transport a storage crate and a Kubota skid steer machine.

PEAKE designed, manufactured, and installed the steel mounts for the trailer’s to transport the “route-clearing” kits.  Each mount was painted and meticulously installed on the trailers by PEAKE’s team of engineers and fabricators.  Once completed, the storage units and Kubota’s were loaded onto the trailers and delivered to the ARNG units around the nation.

According to the 2012 Joint Domestic Operations Equipment Requirements, the “ARNG companies, detachments, and teams are used to clear roads, freeways and other areas of debris and/or snow in the event of a disaster and would allow emergency personnel the ability to respond to support national and local emergencies with the proper equipment”

The route-clearing kits provide a wide range of operations to the ARNG teams including route clearing/snow removal, storm recovery operations, search and rescue missions, and emergency management support and other activities both on ANG bases and in the surrounding communities.14

PEAKE integrates technologies and systems into any platform (kits, mobile and fixed) and provides custom solutions, not only to Public Safety, DOD and Emergency Management, but also Critical Infrastructure companies, commercial industries, State Highway Administrations, Oil/Gas companies and others.

To learn more about the ARNG teams deploying these route-clearing kits and how they are used, read the article “Flying Yankees Ready for the Storm” at http://www.ang.af.mil/news/story_print.asp?id=123400118



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