22Greenmen Pedersen Inc (GPI) uses Mobile LiDAR Technology to perform geomatics, surveying and mapping

GPI, an Engineering and Construction Services Company, has recently taken delivery of a new surveying vehicle built by Peake of Maryland.  Integrated with customer-supplied Moble LiDAR laser technology and equipment, this van provides GPI with a mobile surveying vehicle for mapping, inspections and inventories around the United States.

Peake built out the interior and exterior of a Ford Transit van to give GPI a work area, ample power supply and equipment racks for the LiDAR mapping technology.  Installation included:

LiDAR is a remote sensing technology that measures distance by illuminating a target with a laser and analyzing the reflected light.  LiDAR, is popularly used as a GIS mapping technology to make high-resolution maps, with applications in geomatics, land survey, civil engineering, and more.

The custom-designed automated roof rack is the highlight of the GPI survey vehicle, as it contains the four 36MP DSLR cameras and Aerial Cartographics of America’s Riegl VMX 450 Mobile LiDAR laser equipment. Peake designed, fabricated, and installed the automated storage solution to protect the LiDAR system when it is not in use. The cameras and Mobile LiDAR laser system continuously produce images as the vehicle drives down the road creating data points for analysis and mapping.  The Riegl systems dual laser scanners send over a million pulses per second and collect 2000‐5000 data points per square meter.

Mobile LiDAR provides more data in an hour then a crew of surveyors do in several months.  It provides 10-100 more data point’s then aerial LiDAR, which hugely improves the resolution of the images produced.  This technology is applied in various industries including transportation, tourism, forestry, and construction.

Peake has expertise in designing and building specialty vehicles and integrating technology into mobile solutions.  GPI contracted Peake to provide them with a quality-crafted survey van that would enhance their Mobile LiDAR operations.

Click her to view a video on the Survey Van.

View the Gallery below for photos of the Peake-built GPI Mobile LiDAR survey van.


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