51STEVENSVILLE, MD (August 2014) – The Houston Galveston Area Council Board of Directors approved the award of Contract No. AM10-14 for EMS & Other Special Service Vehicles to PEAKE for use by members of HGACBuy.

According to the HGACBuy Cooperative Purchasing Program this contract gives PEAKE the ability to offer the products/services described within to the more than 7,000 member local governments, districts, agencies in 48 states across the nation that are members of the HGACBuy.  The contract will run from October 1, 2014, to September 30, 2016, subject to extension upon mutual agreement between PEAKE and HGAC.

HGAC is a regional council of governments operating under the laws of the State of Texas and governed by a board comprised of 35 elected officials from the 13 county region. The H-GAC Board awards all contracts, which can then be made available to local governments nationwide thru HGACBuy.

To purchase through PEAKE HGACBuy Contracts, please contact PEAKE at sales@peake.com.

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