Picture 18STEVENSVILLE, Md. (August 29, 2009) – PEAKE supported the Maryland-National Capital Park Police (MNCPP) and the College Park Airport with tactical video surveillance for the 100th birthday celebration of the College Park Airport – the world’s oldest continuously operating airport.

PEAKE supported the MNCPP with a technology solution based on AgileMesh. This solution is a state-of-the-art rapidly deployable, wireless mesh-networked video surveillance kit that wirelessly transmits evidence-grade video from the multiple locations within the Area of Operations back to command units.

Several camera nodes were placed around the airport for situational awareness throughout Saturday’s event.  Two double-camera tripods were located on the far-side of the airfield – providing key visibility to a remote trail located adjacent to the airfield and within the aircraft acrobatic area; while one single-camera tripod was located on top of the MNCPP Command Post.  Video feeds were wirelessly transmitted back to the MNCPP Command Post and the Airfield Operations Building, providing multiple agencies visual awareness of the surrounding area.

“The Tactical Video Surveillance system provided an added element of security and surveillance to AirFair100,” stated Lt. Mark Conto of the Maryland National Capital Park Police. “Each camera is another set of eyes which increases our ability to provide command and control of special events and emergency situations.”  The real-time video feed was used significantly when a young boy lost his mother.  Park Police officials utilized the camera’s to search the crowd for the missing boy’s mother, who was eventually found.

Airfair100! is an event celebrating College Park Airports’ 100 years of aviation history.  The air show featured aerobatic performances, aircraft displays, vendors, entertainment, and refreshments.

PEAKE is a technology solutions provider specializing in the design, development and implementation of IP-based emergency communications. PEAKE provides turnkey solutions in voice, video and data for first responders, disaster recovery and continuity of operations. www.peake.com.


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