(November 2013)  –  Stevensville, MD –  PEAKE announces its unique suite of professional services for commercial Incident Response Managers.  These consultative services address the needs of critical infrastructure firms in energy, utilities, oil and gas who require documentable emergency action plans and technology.

“PEAKE has a long and successful record of professional service experience with our government clients.  We are uniquely positioned to extend this incident response knowledge to commercial entities as well,” said Steve Morgan, CEO of PEAKE.  “When preparing and executing an Emergency Response Plan, practice makes perfect.  PEAKE will collaborate on your plan’s development, coordinate your exercises, and write your after action audits” Morgan continued.

The service packages PEAKE announced for commercial enterprises include:

  • PEAKE ProResponse™ Technology Evaluation & Assessment: On-site technology analysis and upgrades of critical systems.  This program is vendor/brand agnostic.
  • PEAKE ProResponse ™ Administration Package: Analysis and action plan based on individual clients’ needs.  Work with any and all stakeholders/authorities to create a customized emergency plan and ensure annual report filings are completed.
  • PEAKE ProResponse™ Emergency Response Drill & Assessment: For any organization – especially those which must practice responses annually – having an objective, qualified professional to analyze and report positives and deficiencies is critical to success during a practice incident response exercise.  This service can include planning and management of the drill and post-drill reporting.
  • PEAKE ProResponse™ Certification Training: Continuity of Operations and Business Continuity Planning for Emergency Managers in critical infrastructure companies desiring additional qualifications (COML, COMT) to meet future operational needs.

“While the hope is that emergency plans never have to be implemented, civic responsibility and regulatory compliance require that the planning, assessment and practice be done,” concluded Morgan.  PEAKE can be found on the web at www.peake.com/proresponse™

For more information on PEAKE ProResponse please contact PEAKE at 1-800-719-4603 or email info@peake.com

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