3The Orange County Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory team has unveiled its new mobile forensics laboratory, built by PEAKE.  The mission of the OCRCFL is  to provide the highest quality digital forensics services and assistance to any law enforcement agency within their service area in the Central Disctrict of California.  Any law enforcement agency operating in the OCRCFL’s service area may request assistance with the following activities —Pre-Seizure Consultation, On-Site Seizure and Collenction, Duplication, Stoarge and Preservation of Electronic Equipment and other Digital Eveidence, Prompt, Accurate, and Impartial Examinations of Digitally Stored Media, and Courtroom Testimony.

PEAKE designed and built the state-of-the-art Mobile Forensic Laboratory, for the FBI, to provide the power requirements and work-areas needed in a mobile enviorment.  The “M-LAB” contains the latest forensic hardware, equipment and software available to law enforcement nationwide.  According to their website, The M-LAB will be used to support field operations for all of the participating agencies at the OCRCFL and will be a valuable regional asset for law enforcement throughout Orange County and Southern California.

The new forensic laboratory tool has helped police with the high-profile Christopher Dorner case, and most recently a kidnapping investigation in the Northridge, CA area. John Cádiz Klemack of  NBC4 News Southern California did a news report on the forensic laboratory on April 3, 2013.  To watch the NBC4 news story click HERE.

The OCRCFL was also featured on radio station KFWB.  Click HERE to listen to the interview.


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