4STEVENSVILLE, Md. –  Honolulu Fire Department has taken delivery of a SVI Trucks custom mobile command center with a comprehensive communications package fully integrated by PEAKE.  Built on a commercial truck chassis, the Honolulu Fire Department ‘CV1’ will be used throughout the county for exercises, deployments, and emergencies.

The communications package by PEAKE consists of a turnkey advanced IP network complete with satellite connectivity, giving Honolulu Fire Department access to critical communications in any situation.  Utilizing PEAKE Tactical-IPSM Broadband VSAT Satellite Services the CV1 will be able to access mission data, transmit real-time video and have voice connectivity no matter location or environment.  VSAT Bandwidth utilized by the CV1 is configured for 3Mb/s downlink by 1Mb/s uplink with the capability for Bandwidth-on-Demand up to 5Mb/s downlink by 2Mb/s uplink.

Honolulu CV1 also features an extensive video solution including wireless mesh-based tactical video solution. The AgileMesh system provides rapidly deployable wireless camera capability that has a particular focus on delivering video surveillance to enhance command and control in tactical situations.  Three overhead cameras provide video feeds that can pan/tilt/zoom on command and broadcast over a mesh network that can be accessed from a client on any laptop or computer.

HFD CV1 has several advanced communication capabilities including video teleconferencing (VTC).  A Cisco Tandberg Edge VTC system provides the agency with the ability to real-time communicate over video.

Also included in Honolulu’s CV1 communications package is the PEAKE Outrigger™ Network Extension System.  The Outrigger is a tactical module designed to extend the capabilities of the communications systems aboard the CV1 to meet the operational footprint of an incident.  When connected to compatible products, the Outrigger becomes an expansion of the communication system and can provide additional connections for up to 24 computers and phones.

Although purchased as a support vehicle to the HFD’s existing Mobile Command Center, the CV1 will provide an extension of the departments’ office into the field.  A main function of the CV1, perhaps of greater importance, is to provide alternative communications options when terrestrial communication lines on the island of Oahu go down.

The purchase of the Honolulu Fire Department CV1 was a part of the several million dollars’ worth of vehicles purchased in the past year in anticipation of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting.  The CV1 was purchased with grant funds from the Urban Area Security Initiative.



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