Picture 3GLENDALE, Ariz. – Sunday night when more than 73,000 fans file into the University of Phoenix stadium in Glendale, a team of expert first responders will ensure the only thing those fans need to worry about is the final score.

The Glendale Fire Department has teamed up with first responder apparatus manufacturer, E-ONE, to employ state-of-the-art communication technology when monitoring the safety of the thousands in attendance at Super Bowl XLII.

Contributing to the department’s security efforts are the E-ONE Comms-ONETM mobile communications unit and the E-ONE Hybrid Energy Command Center (HE-ONETM). Introduced last August in partnership with PEAKE, Comms-ONETM is an SUV-based, multi-faceted communication vehicle. Utilizing Internet Protocol (IP)-Centric technology, the communication platform allows first responders to communicate via radio, satellite, cellular, or landline connections regardless of the incident conditions.

Using both HE-ONETM and Comms-ONETM, the Glendale Fire Department will be able to feed back voice, video and data from three area command posts in the vicinity of the stadium to essential command staff at headquarters in support of operations and to increase situational awareness.

The Glendale Fire Department is also supporting the NFL’s efforts to encourage the country to “Go Green” by using the E-ONE Hybrid Energy Command Center. The first of its kind, this environmentally friendly vehicle features leading communication technology, similar to those of the Comms-ONE, along with a conference area and dispatch area. More information can be found on these websites; www.e-one.com and www.peake.com

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