9FESCO Emergency Sales facilitates DC FEMS emergency vehicle purchase

(Stevensville, MD) February, 2016- The District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services (FEMS) Department has recently enhanced their capability and increased their fleet of emergency service vehicles with the addition of six specialty vehicles built by PEAKE of Maryland.

In a sales partnership with emergency vehicle dealer FESCO Emergency Sales, PEAKE converted three 2015 Chevy Trucks into Battalion Chief vehicles and three 2015 Chevy Tahoe’s into EMS Supervisor vehicles.

DC FEMS will use the double cab, short bed pickups as a resource for Battalion Chiefs to support command and control at the scene of an incident.  A custom pullout module was installed to give responder’s easy access to equipment.

DC EMS personnel will use the Tahoe’s for Advanced Life Support (ALS) response.  A custom rear storage solution was built to carry all ALS gear.  A special compartment was built behind the driver seat accessible from the side door for EMS personnel turnout gear and SCBA air pack.  This system was specially designed by PEAKE for DC EMS operations.

Both vehicles feature a custom, easy-access console and electrical system located between the driver and passenger seat for emergency lighting and communications equipment.

The mission of the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Service Department is to preserve life and promote health and safety through excellent pre-hospital treatment and transportation, fire prevention, fire suppression and rescue activities and homeland security awareness.

The vehicles were purchased via HGAC-Buy contract and sold to DC FEMS by Fesco Emergency Sales, in Elkridge, MD.  Fesco Emergency Sales is the PEAKE specialty vehicle dealer in the region.

For more information on PEAKE Specialty Vehicles visit www.peake.com/specialty-vehicles

For more information on Fesco Emergency Sales visit www.fescosales.com


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