11STEVENSVILLE, MD. –  The Cisco Tactical Operations Team (TACOPS) recently took delivery of a custom, state-of-the-art emergency communications trailer designed and built by PEAKE.  The trailer, dubbed by Cisco as Emergency Communications Unit-1 (ECU-1), will provide the team with an advanced resource to help in their mission of providing IP-communications to agencies throughout disaster response and emergencies.

ECU-1 was built to provide the team with comprehensive IP-communications, satellite connectivity, command capability, radio communications, and advanced video capability.  Cisco unified communications provide the foundation for the advanced communications capability integrated into the trailer. Cisco’s video-teleconferencing solution, TelePresence, was installed to provide the team with VTC capability throughout deployments.  TelePresence gives the team real-time, in-person video collaboration that can increase decision-making time throughout emergencies.

A 1.2 meter AVL Technologies satellite antenna was installed on ECU-1 and provides the team with up to 5mb/s x 2mb/s satellite connectivity.  A DirecTV antenna was also installed on the roof providing television feeds for situational awareness. A Cisco wireless mesh access point integrated on the top of a pneumatic mast provides wireless access to the trailer resources.

The interior of ECU-1 is designed with both a command area and a communications area.  The command area includes a custom, removable command table with built-in electrical outlets as well as a large screen monitor connected to the video TelePresence.  Three monitors line the walls to provide the team with television, video camera and computer feeds.  A large compartment was custom-built below the TelePresence unit providing ample storage and bench seating.

The communications area of the trailer is located in the rear and includes two equipment racks.  A large monitor was mounted above a workstation counter, located next to the power fuse-panel.   A custom exterior connection panel (ECP) built on the curbside of the trailer provides the team with 6 Ethernet ports, 1 HDMI port and 5 fiber ports.  An interior monitor can be mounted and used on the outside of the trailer when needed throughout a deployment.

The Cisco TACOPS team mission is to “proactively deliver a unique level of service in corporate and individual risk mitigation, critical network availability, and rapid recovery from natural or man-made disasters through a highly skilled team of operational and technical experts.”  The team responds to disasters and other catastrophes when requested by Cisco customers. The Cisco TACOPS team deploys with satellite-based communications kits, radios and communications vehicles including the Cisco Network Emergency Response Vehicles (NERV), Mobile Command Vehicles (MC), and the new Emergency Communications Unit-1 (ECU-1).  Cisco TACOPS also deploys with Utility-1 and Utility-2 vehicles. Both Utility vehicles were built by PEAKE and used to provide gasoline to the communications vehicles when on-scene at a deployment.  To learn more about the Cisco TACOPS team, click here.


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