31Emergency Management and Sheriff’s Office add ECP and external monitor’s to Mobile Command Centers

Peake completed an upgrade to the mobile command centers of both Carroll County (Maryland) Emergency Management and Carroll County Sheriff’s Office.  This upgrade increases the agencies capabilities and situational awareness in the field.

At the 2014 Central Maryland Command and Communications Rally, the Baltimore Urban Area Homeland Security (UASI) Work Group agencies evaluated their Mobile Command Vehicles via guidelines provided by the UASI.  Carroll County identified a need for one exterior LCD television panel, viewable from curbside exterior and an exterior connection panel.

Carroll County contracted Peake to install an exterior connection panel that provides power and video component ports for the television. Discrete hooks were installed onto the sidewall of the mobile command center’s where a 46-inch flat panel television hangs to be viewed from the exterior of the vehicle.  Per the guidelines, all are curbside and under the awning.

The Baltimore UASI Work Group is comprised of the cities of Baltimore and Annapolis and the counties of Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Harford, and Howard. This group meets on a monthly basis and engages in sustained regional planning to ensure that response and recovery are coordinated across jurisdictional boundaries.  Each year at the Maryland Command and Communications Rally the Baltimore UASI conducts an exercise in which each agency evaluates their vehicles per the MCCV Exercise Evaluation Checklist.  This checklist regulates the command and communication assets across the state and provides agencies with a guideline for needed capabilities.

Peake excels at both Advanced Technology Integration and fabrication of custom solutions.  As agency assets age and new technology emerges, many agencies and organizations look to Peake to provide vehicle retrofits and technology refreshes.  For more information on this, visit https://peake.com/integration/mobile-command-platforms/vehicle-retrofit-and-technology-refresh


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