Picture 15STEVENSVILLE, Md. – The Baltimore County Police Department deployed PEAKE’s Tactical Video Surveillance solution at the 128th Maryland State Fair in Timonium, MD providing the agency with increased situational awareness and offering attendees a safer environment.

PEAKE has partnered with AgileMesh to provide agencies with a comprehensive video solution, Tactical Video Surveillance.  This video solution provides rapidly deployable wireless mesh-based incident area networks (“IANs”) that have a particular focus on delivering video surveillance to enhance command and control.

Baltimore County Police Department purchased the AgileMesh video solution in 2008.  Funded by a regional Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) grant, the agency has been able to use the solution to support quick-response team incidents and planned special events across the region, including the Maryland State Fair and AIRFAIR 100!.

The BCPD strategically deployed nine cameras throughout the Timonium Fairgrounds, creating a secure wireless mesh network over which video from each camera was fed back to and monitored at the Police Command Post.

“The Tactical Video Surveillance system provided an added an extra element of security for attendees and a big boost to our law enforcement efforts at the 2009 Maryland State Fair,” stated Baltimore County Police Major Jeff Caslin.  “Our overall situational awareness, both on the ground and back at the Command Post was much better this year with the cameras.  Thankfully our greatest command and control challenge this year was reconnecting lost kids and parents – the extra eyes were a big help.” Caslin added, “Of course it’s great to know that you have evidence grade surveillance if you need it!”

Single-camera tripods were located on the roof of the entrance to the Exhibition Hall and at the village where carnival employees reside for the week.  Dual-camera tripods were located at the York Road Main entrance, the Timonium Light Rail entrance, the Racetrack infield stand, and on a light post in the middle of the fair.

“When I first saw the capabilities in our Command Post, I was stunned!” stated State Fair President and General Manager Max Mosner.  “I saw our friends from the Baltimore County Police zoom in on a license plate on York Road from a camera atop the race track – that was amazing.  It was a great comfort to know we had extra eyes covering our 100 acre campus.  With one glance at the nine screens on our monitor, I was able to know how we were doing in real time.”

The Maryland State Fair has been a late summer tradition since 1878, and locals affectionately refer to it as “The 11 Best Days of Summer.” Up to 500,000 people come out to the fairgrounds in Timonium for agriculture exhibitions and shows, carnival rides, concerts, thoroughbred horse racing and homegrown food.

PEAKE is a technology solutions provider specializing in the design, development and implementation of IP-based emergency communications. PEAKE provides turnkey solutions in voice, video and data for first responders, disaster recovery and continuity of operations. www.peake.com.


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