11STEVENSVILLE, Md- (2013) PEAKE has recently delivered a custom trailer to the Asheville Fire Department.  The trailer provides the fire department with advanced, mobile communications as well as significant storage and working areas.

The Asheville trailer includes several options for uplink including an auto-acquire, roof-mounted VSAT antenna providing users with communication resources and access at the push of a button.  Airlink gateways give access to 4G wireless uplinks.  Both of these uplinks give the team access to phones, data and video streaming when they are deployed.

The Asheville Fire trailer using PEAKE Tactical-IP™ Broadband VSAT Satellite Services, which establishes voice, video and data links from any incident site.  The trailer can be configured for up to 5Mb/s downlink by 2Mb/s uplink.  A custom external connection panel gives teams the feature of utilizing the communication uplinks outside of the trailer.  The team can run cables from the exterior of the trailer to other areas of operation, further extending the communication footprint of the trailer.

Custom cargo net shelves flank one side of the interior providing the fire department with storage areas for equipment.  The opposite side of the trailer features a custom table for workstations when deployed.  The table can be easily stored away providing more area for storage and transporting resources.

This custom trailer will extend the communication capabilities of the Asheville Fire department when they are deployed for USAR missions, emergency response and events.


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