logo-peakeWe are excited to announce that Incident Communication Solutions, LLC, or ICS, has changed our name to PEAKE, LLC starting July 14th, 2016. The name change is part of a larger rebrand of the company. As market demand for ICS services have grown, so did the demand to align our brand, messaging and business lines so that we can best serve our customers.

The goal of the rebrand is to better serve customers and meet market demand across business lines. Our ownership, location, staff, solutions and services, quality of work, culture and support will remain the same. Only our name, logo, email and website will be changing.

“We are excited to announce PEAKE. As the marketplace and our offerings have evolved over the course of 10 years, our brand and identity needed to evolve as well,” stated

Steve Morgan, President. “As PEAKE we will be able to provide our customers and partners with a suite of solutions and services unlike any other integration company. At PEAKE, we have a mission-focused mentality. We are here to help our customers achieve their mission success.”

“The company’s name, website, and email is changing- the solutions and services our customers have come to expect will not. No acquisition has taken place, and ownership, leadership and personnel remains the same,” stated Mr. Morgan.

“The announcement of our name change and new brand, brings together a strategic plan put in place for several years. While we take great pride in what we have accomplished as ICS in 10 years, we have grown to become a solutions and services company in varying markets and fields. Our legacy name no longer fit all that we do. We wanted to ensure that our brand reflects our offerings and ultimately our mission- which is to continually innovate the integration of people, technology and mission operations, empowering our clients to succeed.”

PEAKE exists to achieve the mission of our client with our client. Our team of experts in mobile infrastructure, communication systems, and vehicle customization allow us to bring advanced, end-to-end, solutions to every industry, climate and situation. By providing full-circle connectivity, our work allows our clients to focus on what they need to focus on: achieving their mission.

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