IMG_1126PEAKE recently delivered an upfitted 2016 commercial box vehicles to Albemarle County Police Department. This vehicle will be used as a mobile platform for Crisis Negotiation situations. The ACPD Crisis Negotiations Team intend to utilize this vehicle to respond to the scene of all hostage or barricade situations in Albemarle County. Through verbal communications, secure the release of all hostages and facilitate the apprehension of all suspects.


The front of the Crisis Negotiation Vehicle has two workstations and will serve as the operations area. The rear of the vehicle, which is separated by a lockable door with a window, will be used as the negotiations area. This area has a workstation and bench seating. The vehicle is integrated with PTZ video surveillance, throw phone, phone system, and other technology.

Details of the PEAKE Specialty Vehicle division conversion for this vehicle included:


  • Custom fabricated aluminum compartments with LED lighting located curbside
  • Tinted rear window/escape hatch on center rear wall
  • LED Body Flashers located on front grille, rear, headlights, and front of body
  • Whelen InnerEdge Light bar installed on interior windshield
  • Customer Furnished Whelen M9 Scene Lights wired to OEM cab switches or siren controller
  • 12 Volt DC Power and 120 Volt AC Power


  • 9-10 Surface mounted Whelen red/white LED interior lights on ceiling and locations to illuminate all work areas
  • HVAC: Two roof mounted 13,500 BTU with heat strip, Two kick space heaters in front and rear
  • Walls and ceiling insulated and covered with plywood with carpet finish
  • Custom electrical cabinet with dry erase board door and holds control panel, electrical systems, mast compressor and plumbing
  • Operations area with desk and two chairs (CFE)
  • Negotiations area with desk, two chairs (CFE) and file cabinet
  • C-Tech Aluminum overhead cabinets


  • Motorola APX 6500 Dual Head Radios
  • “Rescue Phone” Quad System including cable reel with connectors and 1,000 feet of cable
  • Pelco Esprit System Mast Camera with 5.7 to 112 mm zoom and 3X digital zoom
  • Rear View Safety perimeter and back up camera system
  • Five 32”-46” LG TV Video Displays
  • Custom document sharing system
  • Panasonic phones at each operator position and one external for remote phone communications
  • 4G Connectivity

Albemarle County, Virginia, home to 98,970 residents, is located approximately 110 miles southwest of Washington, D.C. and 70 miles west of Richmond. The County is a unique blend of rural and urban developments. In 2012, the ACPD divided the County into two separate geographic districts: The Jefferson District and the Blue Ridge District. The mission of the Albemarle County Police Department is to provide for the safety and security of their many diverse citizens and communities while protecting individual rights and delivering quality services.

Click here to watch a video on the Albemarle County Police Crisis Negotiation Vehicle.

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