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Employee Spotlight: Kyla Mackey

Employee Spotlight: Kyla Mackey

In a new series we will be highlighting a PEAKE team member every month.  First up is Kyla Mackey, our expert Technical Drafter (sometimes known as “The CAD”).  Kyla has been with PEAKE for over four years and has brought professionalism and depth to our...

PEAKE Custom Solution: Multi-Unit Radio Chargers

STEVENSVILLE, MD – PEAKE, has recently designed and built three sets of multiunit radio chargers.  This custom solution for Queen Anne’s County Emergency Services provides the agency with a series of radio chargers for simultaneous power charging of 6, 4 and 2 radio...
PEAKE Custom Solution: Air National Guard Route Clearing Trailers

PEAKE Custom Solution: Air National Guard Route Clearing Trailers

Did you know?… PEAKE does more then just communications. In 2013, PEAKE was contracted by Federal Resources to design, fabricate and install trailer mounts for a solution they were providing to the Air National Guard.  The contract was for 92 “route-clearing”...

Did You Know?: Learn about PEAKE custom solutions

PEAKE is known for providing mobile and tactical communication solutions to Public Safety and Emergency Management agencies.  Our company was established on the foundation that “If you can’t communicate, you can’t operate”.  Through the years we have built on this...

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