Emergency vehicles, communication equipment, services- all available for purchase on HGACBuy contract.

Local and State government and municipal agencies face several large roadblocks when procuring a piece of equipment, vehicle or service that they need. One main issue is funding. The other issue is the immense red tape that the procurement process can include. HGACBuy aims to elevate those issues and provide local governments the ability to purchase the equipment they need, when they need it.

HGACBuy is a well-established, nationwide cooperative purchasing program that assists local governments in reducing costs through government-to-government procurement. This program allows for local governments or authorized non-profit entities to purchase emergency vehicles and equipment without needing to solicit standard bids (thus freeing agencies up from the virtual procurement ‘tape’).

So… Why use HGACBuy?

  1. Streamlines your procurement.
  2. Minimizes or eliminates RFP requirements
  3. Accelerates solution and service delivery
  4. FREE to join.
  5. HGACBuy is a unit of local government and a political subdivision of the State of Texas
  6. Effective program that is 30 year old
  7. Access to volume purchasing and discounts
  8. Get the emergency vehicles, equipment and services you need, when you need them.
  9. Manufacturer can assign dealers to support their products nationwide.

To be most effective, local government agencies or organizations should utilize the HGACBuy program early in the purchasing process. Agencies will save money, time and administrative expense in preparing separate bids. A simple Interlocal contract is all that is needed to join and participate in the program.  Joining HGAC is free and you can see a list of members by state on their website.  For information on how to get started click here.

If your government agency or organization is not a member of the HGACBuy co-op, it would be worth the investment in time to delve a bit deeper to find out how HGACBuy can streamline the procurement of specialty vehicles and other equipment and services.  Cut the ‘red tape’, eliminate the road block and make it easy to purchase the items that you need to operate and achieve mission success.

For more on purchasing PEAKE solutions and services on our HGACBuy contract #AM10-14, click here

#AM10-14 contract renews to #AM10-16 on October 1st and is in effect till October 1 2018.

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