PEAKE recently visited Easton Middle School, in Easton Maryland, to give a presentation on AutoCAD, design, and real-world applications.  PEAKE senior engineer, Chuck Davis, presented to two 7th Grade Design and Engineering classes.  Chuck discussed the evolution of product engineering and showed the progression of PEAKE’s TICS Warrior solution throughout the product lifecycle.

Chuck also presented on Audio/Video system design, showing the class the process it takes from whiteboard to schematic to installation of a complex A/V system.  He gave some personal background on his engineering career and explained the many different occupational opportunities in the field.

A few students from each of the classes had the opportunity to present their end of the year design projects to the class.  Some examples of the projects that were presented were a playground, fishing boat, helicopter, and a rocket.  The students designed these projects in AutoCAD, using the many different tools available.  Each project was then printed on a 3-D printer and presented to the class.  PEAKE was very impressed with the work of the students as well as their enthusiasm for design and engineering.

This was a great opportunity for PEAKE to give-back to the community and we enjoyed our time with Easton Middle School’s design students.


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