PEAKE employees participated in a Holiday food drive that culminated in the donation of 240 lbs of food to the Maryland Food Bank.  PEAKE set a goal of 200lbs to be donated over the course of a month, which was proudly reached.

PEAKE’s Ryan Smith delivered the donated food to the Maryland Food Bank on December 22nd, just in time for Christmas.  “We were so excited to be able to contribute to a wonderful organization like the MD Food Bank.  Our contribution alone fed over 150 hungry Marylanders, and made their Holiday just a little bit brighter,” said Ryan “Everyone here at PEAKE was in the giving spirit, and we’ve even started collecting cash donations for the 2015 Food Drive.”

According to the Maryland Food Bank website individuals within the Maryland Food Bank’s service area collectively miss almost 85 million meals each year. In their service area, almost half-a-million individuals have reported food insecurity, or the inability to consistently access food. That means nearly 1 in 7 people experience hunger, and for children, that figure increases to 1 in 5.

The PEAKE “Community” program encourages employees to voluntarily participate and contribute to the communities, in which we work, live and serve.

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