STEVENSVILLE, MD – PEAKE, has recently designed and built three sets of multiunit radio chargers.  This custom solution for Queen Anne’s County Emergency Services provides the agency with a series of radio chargers for simultaneous power charging of 6, 4 and 2 radio batteries.

PEAKE custom built each multiunit (or gang) charger to provide the agency with a solution for keeping radios fully charged so they are always ready when needed.  The units have the ability to charge the battery attached to the radio or separately.  The multiunit chargers (MUC’s) use a small footprint, in terms of workspace, require one electrical outlet or plug, and are energy efficient.  Each unit was built with high quality materials and craftsmanship providing a reliable solution.  These chargers are compatible with Motorola units, but can be built to charge any type of radio.

PEAKE integrates technologies and systems into any platform (kits, mobile and fixed) and provides custom solutions, not only to Public Safety, DOD and Emergency Management, but also Critical Infrastructure companies, commercial industries, State Highway Administrations, Oil/Gas companies and others.  The multiunit chargers are one example of the custom, quality work that PEAKE provides our customers.


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